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Yes. It's the infamous 8D face that is invading this latest set. :P

This might be the most disturbing set I've made... xD n case you haven't realized it... I've placed 8D faces on pretty much everyone. Everyone except poor confused Kre8. :P

Yes, that is a background from Ludi. I really liked how I played around with it to look like that, but I could have left the floor alone. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied how this set turned out. ^^

~ iamflip ~

P.S. MapleStory stuff (c) Nexon

Halloween theme!

Yes... for this Halloween... not only have I made a new avvie and sig set, but a wallpaper to boot as well! It all started with deviously telling people that I was in the process of making a new set and that anyone who was willing to present their BS code was eligible for getting in this year's Halloween set.

...what people did not know was that while I was making a new set... only two people would be in it. :P

Yes... that's me as the angel and Karen as Peach (both of us did pixel editing, but her's is much more extensive). This avatar and signature was really just for me and her. <3

That said, the real purpose of asking for the BS codes was so that I can make a wallpaper... and the background that you see on my avvie and sig set was only a small preview of that...

That's the wallpaper right there. And it comes in 4 spooky flavors: 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1280x768, and 1024x768 (use Save As... on these links please. Bandwidth is sorta limited by the hour lol). I hope you'll enjoy them as much as it took for me to make them. And of course... Happy Halloween. ;)

*evil laughter in the background*

P.S. As an alternative, you can DL the whole pack of the 4 wallpaper sizes here.
P.S.S. MapleStory stuff (c) Nexon
P.S.S.S. Bowser's ship rip by Kevin Huff.

Birthday set!

What a better way to show off that I'm a year closer to death than an another avatar + signature set? :P

For this one, I used a Ludi theme for the party with one or two things from Amoria... but of course the real attraction are the people celebrating with me. From left to right: Dany, Azn, Faded, Wendy, Miya, Sheila, Me, Karen, KC, Kat, Bodom, Jim, and Lub.

Hope you enjoy it! :D

Team Windia?

So, in the spirit of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games, here's a vague tribute. :P

Really... I needed a new avvie and sig set. The one's I was sporting on MT and Southperry were just too old, and I needed something to inspire me. Thankfully, this person's sig was the thing I needed. The Olympic Team idea... was just something extra I came up with out of nowhere. :P Enjoy. :)

And yeah, thanks to MapleSim, Nexon, and MT. MapleStory stuff belongs to Nexon, yadayada.

Schezo + Arle Signature

Once in a while, I take on a challenge to see how well I can make sigs and other stuff. Mainly out of boredom. :P

So, I have this person, MissHannah from MapleTip. She wanted a ScheAru sig. Wtf is a ScheAru sig? Just some couple thing between Schezo and Arle, characters in the original cast of Puyo Puyo (Puyo Pop in the US). Anyway, this was what she wanted:

Designer: SOMEONE! (Who HOPEFULLY can support Japanese text.)
Size: 400x150 (if it seems small, then go ahead and make it like 400x200)
Quote: シェアル
Theme: ScheAru (Schezo x Arle)
Render: http://s297.photobucket.com/albums/mm229/A...rrent=sxa21.jpg (it's a page-stretcher.)
Extra: Surprise me!

And, here's the result:

Not too shabby, huh? Did some messing around with some C4Ds and color balances, and then added a brush and some text to fit it in nicely. I'm pretty satisfied with this one, and yes, MissHannah loves it too. :P

Unity Guild Alliance Signature

Well, the guild alliance feature in Global MapleStory is still pretty new, but the comradery between MapleTip Dynasty Windia "Consurgo", KoopaForce, and DOOM isn't...

This sig symbolizes the new guild alliance between MTD Windia, KF, and DOOM. All of us share common friends whom we care and trust a lot. When someone goes down, everyone pitchs in to help that person back up. We are just that tight... in a sense. :P

Believe me, it was really hard for (in order from left to right in the sig) me, KC, Karen, and Kat to come up with a name for our alliance. We wanted something to describe the strong friendships, common bonds, and loving care that signifies all of us as allies and dear friends, but alas I don't think any word can come close to what we share with everyone. Thus, for the sake of argument, we all agreed on Unity. For sure, there is more to all of us than just unity, and everyone in this alliance knows very well. :)

Ok, enough background story... well this time around I went in a different direction to try. I won't exactly say how I made this, but heavy blurring was involved to get this aura-like effect on the background. Everything else... you can thank BannedStory and the Emblem Generator created by Fromethius.

Enjoy. :D

MapleStory (c) Nexon and Wizet

Never pose as a duck...

...and try to befriend other ducks lest you want this to happen to you.

Usually I don't make signature requests from other people, but this is one of those rare cases. This signature is actually my end of the bargain for this art trade with KC (gunship03 here, but her blog is dead), and she just happen to adore duckies. :P I hope you enjoy it, KC. :D

Oh yeah, if you're wondering what I got from her, it's a drawn picture of my Windian character, SageFIip. I <3 it. :D

Level 5X Avatar and Signature Set

Yes, in case you didn't know, I make forum avatars and signatures too. Much of them revolve around MapleStory. This is just one of those examples...

Every level set I do, I try a different style of sorts. In this case, I took the idea of the background from a variation of a tutorial about making abstract wallpapers. If you look at the background very closely, you might be able to see how I put in the idea of the clouds, the radial line effect, and the reflection that I adapted to my own liking from the tutorial. Add in some objects straight from MapleStory and some characters of my friends, and voila... you have this wonderful avvie and sig set.

Oh, and in case you don't recognize anyone from that signature, here's who they are:
(from left to right) KC, Karen, Steve, Aly, Kasi, me, Sheila, Miya, Laura, Dan, Kat, and Wendy.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Lineup

I'm not one for fighting games, but SSBB is an exception. Granted... at the time of this post, I haven't played or gotten around to buying the game yet (because I'm still looking for the damn Wii), but I love the game nevertheless. :P

Anyway, I created this wallpaper once the main SSBB site had pictures of the main lineup some time ago, so here they are:

Available in 4 formats:

Enjoy. :D
This was one was made back around February. Yes, it's features two of my friends in MapleStory -> Kat (IGN: chibigir) on the left and Dan (IGN: danw08) on the right.

This wallpaper was made by special request as a surprise just for them... and since the request was made around the time that Valentine's Day rolled around, I decided to incorporate that theme into this wallpaper. It's sorta simplistic compared to my other wallpapers, but it's also elegant and nice... just like them. And of course, they both loved it. :)

BTW, the wallpaper was meant for them, so only they get the non-watermarked versions of the wallpaper. Sorry. :P